Export offer - delivery and current offer and prices please asking on:

E: merkfood@merkfood.com         M:  +421 905 292 548                    speak: HU, EN

E: trade@merkfood.eu                      M:  +421 915 599 955                    speak: EN

Merkfood International 

You can contact us by email , mail at Merkfood,Staničná 20,Holíč,SK- 91805,Slovakia or by phone at +421 915 599 955 and e-mail: info@merkfood.eu. We will answer as soon as possible. Please be advised that this response may be delayed by weekends and public holidays. 

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Terminal SK: Stanicna 20, Holic SK-90851   trade@merkfood.eu

Terminal CZ: Dolní Valy 1, Hodonin CZ- 69501 - office    tradeo@merkfood.eu

Terminal HU:  Budapest, trade@merkfood.eu